SAP SuccessFactors 21.05 Release: 5 of the Most Important Features and Changes

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SAP SuccessFactor's newest release is out! And if you ask us, this one has some new cool features. By luck, you won't have to read the 1,500+ pages of its accompanying documentation to get the most of it. Our team of experts has already done that - just for you!

They've put out a free eBook presenting 43 of the most important changes and new features you should know about. In this article, we'd like to present you with 5 of them (and if you want to read the whole thing, click the button below to download our free eBook).


1. Employee Central

Cross-Entity Rules Supported for Job Information Change

The execution of cross-entity rules was not supported in the past. That implies that after performing a change in job information for example, if a change in another entity like

Compensation Information, the other entity would need to be updated manually. With this release, SAP SuccessFactors is adding the option to update the other entities with an onSave business rule.


Pay Grade was updated in the Job Information portlet. Then, Compensation and Pay component recurring should be changed manually in the compensation portlet.


After saving the changes in the Job Information portlet, now, we can configure a cross-entity rule to create the new compensation entry which contains the updated Recurring Pay component.

Reference Number: ECT-158036

Important Note: This new functionality is only supported between Job Information and Compensation, Recurring Pay Component, Non Recurring Pay Component, Job Relationships and Employment Details.


2. Employee Central Time Management

For Time Management (EC Time Off and Time Sheet), the 2021H1 release is really focused on Time Sheet improvements.

Time Sheet: Clock in Clock out

This feature allows the integration of external time tracking services with EC Time Sheet. Employees can clock in & out with a supported terminal and have their time records automatically updated in EC Time Sheet allowing for a uniformized solution and employee experience.

This feature is still in its early stage and available for customers in the early adoption program, but it is nonetheless a good step forward for the EC Time Sheet solution.

Reference Number: TIM-13860



3. Goals

Cascade Personal Goals in latest Goal Management

Users can now cascade personal goals with the new version's improvements. Pulling and pushing now has a more friendly and intuitive look providing a better user experience.

This feature was built to:

Achieve parity with the previous version

Improve clarity around the alignment relationship between who cascades and who receives the goal

Optimize the experience around goal and user selection

Increase the goal editing efficiency when a user cascades more than one goal in a single transaction. This part is definitely better than in the older version.

Reference Number: TIM-13860



4. Compensation Management 

Ability to Map Employee Profile Fields to Employee Central Enabled Worksheets

SAP is hearing! They delivered the option to add fields set up in Employee Profile to our Compensation Worksheets where they are set up as EC integrated.

When you change EC Category to Employee Profile, the system displays Employee Profile fields in the EC Fields dropdown menu: for example, First Name, Last Name, Title, Date of Birth, Risk of Loss, Talent Pool, Reason for Leaving, and so on.

Reference Number: CMP-24519



5. Onboarding

Just like the chicken or the egg paradox, since the announcement of Onboarding 2.0, many customers were hesitating between implementing Onboarding 1.0 and 2.0.

In parallel, the more customers are using the platform, the more SAP tends to prioritize and adds resources to develop the solution.

With the 2021 H1 release, the Onboarding solution continues to move forward to provide a solution that has feature parity with ONB1.0, while providing a uniform experience with the rest of the SF solution with ONB2.0.

Compliance Forms for Onboarding 2.0 – Canada

The first wave of standard compliance forms is now available in Onboarding 2.0, meaning that these forms will be updated year after year by SAP based on regulatory changes. The first forms to be added are the TD1 form with the different variations per province. Please see the list beside.

Reference Number: OBX-14790



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