HRIS implementation consultant - Independent contractor
Canada - USA - Mexico - Spain
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Job overview

As you are an HRIS expert you may have already heard about us. But, if not, you should know that at IN-RGY solving the most complex talent management and HR systems challenges is what we do best!


Why work with us?

As an independent contractor with IN-RGY you'll enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes with contract work, but with the added benefit of our team's support every step of the way. We're proud to say that our team is our greatest asset, embodying a genuine spirit of commitment, and support. You will always be able to count on your teammates to lend a helping hand when you need it!

By working with us, you can be confident that you'll be collaborating with a team of professionals who consistently deliver high-quality results. Our team incarnates a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence, which is reflected in the caliber of our work. Additionally, with over 200 clients across North America, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to large-scale projects and make a meaningful impact.


Little extras

Are you someone who loves connecting with colleagues and participating in fun events? You'll be excited to hear that we host monthly gatherings around a variety of engaging themes. From the classic pizza lunch to festive celebrations, and even sports activities, there's always something new and exciting happening at IN-RGY!

What we are looking for

  • At least 5 years’ experience working as an HRIS consultant handling end to end projects;
  • In-depth knowledge of HRIS platforms, such as SAP HCM, SuccessFactors, Workforce Software, UKG Pro, UKG Dimensions and certifications on your preferred HRIS;Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to assess complex HRIS requirements and develop effective solutions;
  • Excellent communication skills, coupled with a remarkable talent for building strong connections with clients and vendors throughout project execution and implementation;
  • Our clients are located both in Quebec and outside Quebec, so you may be required to work in both French and English to meet their needs.
  • A customer-centric approach to work, with a focus on delivering exceptional service and support to clients.

Want to work at IN-RGY?

Once you've submitted your application, here's what's in store for you…

Our dedicated hiring squad will meticulously review your profile. If it's a match, we'll reach out to discuss the next steps. Expect a friendly chat with our recruiter, a test assessment to showcase your skills and an engaging interview with the hiring manager.

We're genuinely thrilled about the possibility of welcoming you aboard our HRIS adventure!

Plus, we know your potential goes beyond your resume. If you're unsure whether you fit the bill, hit the 'Apply now' button and let's find out together!

Let our people empower yours

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