Integrating SuccessFactors' Onboarding 2.0 with an external HRIS

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SAP SuccessFactors’ Onboarding 2.0 has quickly established itself as a leading solution in the ever-evolving HR technology landscape. Its impressive design, process transparency, and automation capabilities have set it apart from competitors. However, integrating Onboarding 2.0 with an existing Human Resource Information System (HRIS) from a different provider than SAP poses a significant question for many organizations.

In this blog, we will explore the possibilities and considerations of seamlessly connecting Onboarding 2.0 to a third-party HRIS, specifically focusing on the process considerations when dealing with either SuccessFactors RCM (Recruiting Management) or a third-party ATS (Applicant Tracking System). We will also delve into leveraging Onboarding 2.0, without Employee Central. The solution's intuitive and highly configurable nature has attracted interest from numerous customers using HRIS solutions outside of SAP, making the integration process an essential aspect to address.



> Onboarding takes a strategic spot between Applicant Tracking System and a Human Resource Information System.

There are three ways to initiate Onboarding:

1. From SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting
2. Manually via “Add New Hire to Onboarding”
3. API call from 3rd party ATS to Onboarding

Since the first two options are out of the box functionalities from SAP SuccessFactors, and to stay true to the title of the blog, let’s look at how to initiate Onboarding through an API call.

Three key API‚Äôs are used to POST data into Onboarding from an external HRIS. 

It also helps in performing preliminary checks to understand if the onboardee is a new hire or a rehire and take actions as necessary.

CreateOnboardee - This function import creates an onboarding external user record in the system with information collected from external Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It also helps in performing preliminary checks to understand if the onboardee is a new hire or a rehire and take actions as necessary.

ONB2Process - Contains necessary fields to import Biographic Info, Employment Info & Job Info via UPSERT

initiateOnboardingForUser - After an external user record is created and Employee Central data is added to the record, this function initiates onboarding process from an external Application Tracking System. It modifies the ONB2Process and ONB2ProcessTrigger MDF objects

The above API’s must be followed in sequence to successfully initiate Onboarding and update Candidate records from ATS. Once the Onboarding process is completed, the data can be automatically sent to “Manage Pending Hire” in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central. If the client has a different HR system of record other than Employee Central, we should consider sending the information to 3rd party HRIS via an API call.

CATEGORY_ONBOARDING2_EMPLOYEE_OPEN_ESIGNATURE & ONB2ProcessTask allows the middleware to identify completed Onboarding processes.

PerPerson, PerPersonal, EmpJob, EmpEmployment, EmpCompensation, PaymentInfoV3 & PerEmail can be used to GET data from SuccessFactors after eSignature Step in Onboarding is completed.

UpdateFromExternalHrisONB- After a candidate is hired in the external Human Resources Information System (HRIS), this function updates the hiring data from the External HRIS system back to Onboarding.



Integrating Onboarding 2.0 with an external HRIS opens new avenues for organizations to leverage SAP's intuitive and highly configurable onboarding solution. By understanding the three ways to initiate Onboarding and the key APIs involved in the process, organizations can successfully connect Onboarding 2.0 with their chosen HRIS. Additionally, considering the use of middleware like SAP CPI, Dell Boomi, or Mulesoft can enhance the integration capabilities and streamline the flow of data between systems. With the right approach and careful consideration of the specific requirements, organizations can unlock the full potential of Onboarding 2.0 while maintaining the integrity of their existing HRIS. The power of integration lies in enabling a seamless and efficient onboarding experience for new hires, ultimately contributing to improved employee engagement and organizational success. 

If you have any questions or require assistance with integrating Onboarding 2.0 with your external HRIS, we encourage you to reach out to our team of experienced SAP consultants. They are well-versed in the intricacies of this integration and can provide tailored guidance to ensure a seamless onboarding experience for your organization. 

Remember, harnessing the power of integration empowers your organization to deliver an efficient and engaging onboarding process, setting the stage for long-term success and employee satisfaction.

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