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Organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve their employee experience, especially when it comes to training and professional development. But assigning the right training and making relevant learning journeys available to employees can prove to be a difficult task for learning coordinators. With limited resources, inadequate technology, and time constraints, it can be challenging to effectively manage employee training processes. To tackle the challenges faced by organizations in creating an effective training strategy and enhancing the overall employee experience implementing an LMS is the clear choice...

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a SaaS web application that allows your organization to manage and deliver employee training via self-paced, instructor led, or virtual learning programs. While there are numerous Learning Management Systems in the market, we are going to concentrate on SAP SuccessFactors Learning due to its global compliance, enhanced security features, integration with other HR modules and ease of use. It provides a platform for delivering appropriate training content, tracking employee progress, manage attendance, and even track costs through LMS Commerce. When LMS is connected to Goals Management, you can assign learning content through development goals. You can also issue certificates once they’ve completed a training course, enable retraining for core skills and prepare reskilling plans.

What can it do for your organization?

SAP SuccessFactors Learning is a great tool for companies to improve the effectiveness of training programs and support continuous learning and development for their employees. Corporate level training offerings and certification demonstrates corporate strategy in employee’s development and growth, which improves employee retention through reskilling for the ever-changing market.

HR managers can use LMS for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Employee training and development: deliver training programs, certification courses, and other learning resources to employees.

  2. Performance management: fill competency gaps by assigning Career Development Goals tied to a Learning Program, improving the overall performance of the organization.

  3. Compliance: ensure employees receive required training to stay compliant with regulations, policies, and procedures like Fire & Safety, CPR, etc.

  4. Knowledge management: store and distribute company information, such as product knowledge and best practices, to employees.

  5. Onboarding: help new hires get up to speed quickly by providing them with access to job specific training content.

SAP SuccessFactors and The Kirkpatrick’s Model

How can an organization manage the training process effectively? That's where the Kirkpatrick’s model and the SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) come into play. The Kirkpatrick’s model is a well-established and globally recognized framework for evaluating the effectiveness of training programs, through completion rate, assessments, and feedback. This data is further used to evaluate the success of training programs using the four levels of the Kirkpatrick’s model: reaction, learning, behaviour, and results.


By using the Kirkpatrick model and the SAP SF LMS together, organizations can design and deliver effective training programs, measure their impact, and continuously improve their employee training and career development experiences.

You might be wondering, why SAP LMS (Learning Management System) and not another software. Well, it’s considered one of the best and is highly regarded in the market for many reasons:


SAP SuccessFactors Learning Customer Success Story – The Canada Life Assurance Company

The Canada Life Assurance Company faced a challenge with employee engagement and creating a positive learning and performance culture amidst a merger and the onset of the pandemic. However, by implementing SAP SuccessFactors Learning as their LMS, they were able to improve their employees' skills and performance while they worked remotely. As a result, Canada Life experienced a 63% increase in course registrations, improved employee engagement, and achieved an A+ rating in the training and skills development category of Canada's Top 100 Employers in 2021.

You can learn more about their success storyhere

What can IN-RGY do for you?

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