Smooth Migration from Kronos to UKG Pro with Dell Boomi

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Seamless Migration from Workforce Central (Kronos Cloud) to UKG Pro Workforce Management (UKG Dimensions) with Dell Boomi Integration Services: Are You Prepared?

With the phasing out of Workforce Central or Kronos Cloud it is becoming more pressing to start evaluating your options to ensure a seamless migration and assure continuous system evolution.

Dates to remember:

  • Kronos Cloud retiring on December 31, 2025
  • On-premise Workforce Central retiring on March 31, 2027

> Smooth Transition 

Migrating from UKG Central to UKG Pro Workforce Management may involve various types of integrations to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Here are some typical integrations that might be required during the migration process:

  • Data Migration Conversions: Moving critical data from UKG Central to UKG Pro Workforce Management is a fundamental part of the migration process. Data conversion will be needed to transfer employee records, payroll information, time and attendance data, benefits, and other HR-related data to ensure data continuity.

  • Payroll System Integrations: Integrating the new UKG Pro Workforce Management system with any existing payroll systems is essential to ensure accurate and timely processing of employee payroll (for example: SAP, Oracle, Workday, etc.) This may involve connecting UKG Pro Workforce Management with third-party payroll software or in-house payroll systems.

  • Time and Attendance Integrations: To maintain time and attendance records, integrations are required to synchronize clock-in/out data, timesheets, and attendance information between UKG Pro Workforce Management and any existing timekeeping systems.

  • Reporting and Analytics Integrations: Integrating UKG Pro Workforce Management with reporting and analytics tools allows HR and management to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. This integration ensures seamless access to relevant workforce data for reporting and analysis purposes.

  • Time Clock Integrations: For companies using time clocks to track employee hours, integrating these time clock systems with UKG Pro Workforce Management ensures accurate time data is recorded and used for payroll calculations.

  • Custom Integrations: Depending on the organization's specific needs and workflows, custom integrations may be required to link UKG Pro Workforce Management with other internal or external applications, creating a seamless and interconnected HR ecosystem.

It's important to note that the complexity of integrations will vary depending on the unique requirements of each organization and the extent of customization needed for the migration. Engaging with experienced HRIS consultants and integration specialists can help ensure a successful and smooth migration process.


> Dell Boomi: Your Workforce Management Transformation Ally

Dell Boomi plays a crucial role in facilitating a smooth migration from Workforce Central to UKG Pro Workforce Management by providing powerful integration services. Here are several ways in which Dell Boomi can aid in the migration process:

  • Custom Automated Processes: creates custom workflows that align with your specific migration needs. It can handle complex data mapping, transformation, and validation, ensuring that data is properly formatted and integrated between the two systems.

  • Automated Processes: enables automation of various tasks during the migration, minimizing manual intervention and reducing the likelihood of errors. Automated processes help streamline the migration and save valuable time and resources.

  • Real-Time Data Sync: facilitates real-time data synchronization between UKG Pro Workforce Management and your existing HRIS system, ensuring that both systems have the most up-to-date and accurate information during the migration.

  • Testing and Validation: supports rigorous testing and validation processes. It allows for testing the integrations in a sandbox environment before going live, ensuring that everything operates smoothly during the migration.

  • Scalability and Flexibility:  highly scalable and flexible cloud-based solution, making it well-suited for organizations of all sizes. It can handle the demands of a migration from Workforce Central to UKG Pro Workforce Management without compromising performance.

  • Post-Migration Support: continues to provide ongoing integration support even after migration completion. It helps maintain a robust and reliable connection between UKG Pro Workforce Management and your existing HRIS system, ensuring a seamless flow of data between them.

By leveraging Dell Boomi's integration services during the migration process, organizations can significantly reduce the complexity and risk associated with transitioning from Workforce Central to UKG Pro Workforce Management. Dell Boomi empowers businesses to execute a successful migration, enabling them to optimize their HR and workforce management processes with the new UKG Pro Workforce Management system.


> Conclusion

Keep in mind that not all UKG partners have the technical expertise required for the various integrations needed. When defining your migration plan, take the time to map out all your business requirements to evaluate the best integration solutions for your organization.

Not sure where to begin? Schedule a call with our technical services team to help define your migration roadmap.

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