SAP SuccessFactors 22.05 Release: 5 of the Most Important Features and Changes

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SAP SuccessFactors' newest release is out! And if you ask us, this one has some new cool features. By luck, you won't have to read the 550+ pages of its accompanying documentation to get the most of it. Our team of experts has already done that - just for you!

They've put out a free eBook presenting 38 of the most important changes and new features you should know about. In this article, we'd like to present you with 5 of them (and if you want to read the whole thing, click the button below to download our free eBook). 

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1. Foundations

Automatic Upgrade to the Latest Home Page Experience

With this release, SAP SF is enabling the Role Based Permissions for the Latest Home Page feature.*

Since this is a significant change impacting all users, it is highly recommended to put in place a communication plan and test all of the new features before it is moved to production.

* All clients will be auto migrated to the new home page about 1 month after the release date if no action is taken.

Reference Number: WEF-16814
Type: Changed
Configuration Type: Universal



2. Employee Central Time Management

For Time Management (EC Time Off and Time Sheet) 

Location Capture in Clock In Clock Out (time tracking)

Location Capture is an optional feature, which you can enable for a group of employees.

On enabling this feature, all employees of the Clock In Clock Out Group are provided with a consent form on their SuccessFactors mobile application, to capture their location when recording a time event.

The location includes the street and city name along with the latitude and longitude coordinates.

Location Capture isn‚Äôt available for the web version of Clock In Clock Out solution.

Reference Number: TIM-27956
Type: New
Configuration Type: Admin Opt-in



3. Employee Central Payroll

Replication of Employee Cost Assignment and OneTime Payment with WBS Element

To support the assignment of the Work Breakdown Structure, a new field WBS Element was added to the user interface for Employee Cost Assignment and One-Time Payments in the employee center. 

In Employee Central Payroll, the replication framework has been enhanced to replicate the new cost assignments to Additional Payments (Infotype 0015) and Cost Distribution (Infotype 0027.

Reference Number: PAY-17650
Type: Changed
Configuration Type: Admin Opt-in


4. Onboarding   

 Custom Cards Visibility Based on Start Date

Organizations need to show tailored and relevant information to their new hires at the appropriate time.

In this release, custom cards help achieve just that around the Start Date. We can now set the visibility of custom cards a number of days before and after the start date.

Admins are now able to define when new hires will start seeing the custom cards when they’re just getting onboarded and when these ones will no longer show after a few days, weeks, or so.

Reference Number: WEF-18255
Type: New
Configuration Type: Admin Opt-in



5. Performance and Goals

Show Behavior Descriptions When Not Rating by Behavior in 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version

The most impactful enhancements for PMGM in this release involve the Fiori version of 360 Forms.  

This enhancement allows the display of Competency Behaviours in a 360 Form, even if you are not rating by the Behaviors.  It gives the participant additional context to support the feedback that they want to give reg

Reference Number: MTR-5953
Type: New
Configuration Type:  Universal



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